"I had the opportunity to work with the Stat One team on statistical modeling work in support of a Phase 3 clinical development program. Our Phase 2 biostatistical support had been provided by a different organization, however we needed added support on a very tight timeline, and were lucky enough to work with Stat One. Our project involved the analysis of a natural history database with approximately 8 thousand subjects. Within days the team had parsed through the entire dataset and began pulling out trends and associations critical to the design of our clinical program. I was impressed with the speed at which they picked up on our project, as well as the thoughtful suggestions they provided."
Chief Science Officer
Biotech Company
"I have worked with George DeMuth and his team at Stat One for well over a decade as a fellow service provider. We have shared multiple clients in common while jointly supporting a range of pivotal and post-market studies. Based on my professional experience working with them and my observations of study outcomes involving their services, I can personally attest to their expertise in statistical study design, programming, and the clinical-regulatory landscape. They are thoughtful, professional, and easy to work with."
Vice President
Core Imaging Lab
“The Stat One team is very knowledgeable and great to work with. We’ve worked with them on FDA submissions and their insights were invaluable for creating effective clinical study evaluation plans. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is seeking statistical support for answering various clinical questions for medical devices.”
Product Manager
Diagnostic Comapny
“When we needed a statistician, I did not hesitate to call Stat One. Always professional, this tight-knit group is run like a family business because it is! And as a client, you feel like family working with them. An urgent need? They deliver. While their work is world-class, I was personally grateful to work with someone who could give me the story of the data – helping a layman understand the output helped me describe our positioning to my colleagues.”
VP of Clinical Affairs
Device Company
"I am extremely grateful for having an opportunity to work with George and Stat One on multiple research and clinical programs over the years. Their high level of professionalism and responsiveness always exceeded my expectations. With Stat One’s great support we were able to address many sophisticated statistical questions raised by editors as well as FDA and other agencies. They also helped us to streamline dramatically our clinical studies and develop a great registrational strategy. Without reservation I will recommend Stat One to anybody who needs high quality statistical support."
VP, Therapeutic Development
Biologic Comapny
“These guys are knowledgeable, thorough, efficient and honest. Of course, they know biostatistics, but also have a great working knowledge of the regulatory and clinical environments, so their input is much more than superficial. I have worked with them since the mid 1990’s in more than one company and I plan to continue working with them."
VP Regulatory & Clinical Affairs Consultant
Biologic Company