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“Let Your Data Grow®

The Stat One EDC® System is a collection of study management, communication, and data management tools that make up an integrated clinical trial environment.  The system is customizable to each client's specific needs in order to balance flexibility with effectiveness.  We believe the Stat One EDC® System offers a balance that provides great utility without overburdening the user.

System Features

Implementation and Hosting Models

The Stat One EDC® system is scalable to the largest of studies, but is an ideal solution for small and mid-sized firms that need a solution that works for them. The system offers the following implementation models:

  • EDC Hosting Services – Stat One builds and validates your database for you with the EDC hosting options. We can also serve as a system administrator and set up users.  This is ideal for the client who has a small number of studies and needs an EDC solution that is efficient and affordable.
  • EDC System Licensing - Companies may choose to license the system in order to build and validate multiple EDC studies internally. This is ideal for the client who has a higher number of studies internally and needs an EDC system to utilize in house.

Both implementations have the same features and are cost-effective.

System Support Services

The Stat One EDC® system is intended to be implemented rapidly without need for extensive database training, but flexible enough to deal with most trials. In order to help companies utilize the Stat One EDC® system, we offer the following services and products:

  • Training Courses and Materials
    • System Administrator
    • Database Build Training (for those who choose to license system)
    • System User Training
  • Technical Support
    • Additional help and training for questions about the system.
  • System Administration
    • Assist with adding and maintaining users; resolving user issues; or assist with maintaining libraries or study documents.
  • System Customization
    • Additional reporting or integration customization to the system.