Stat One EDC® System

Stat One, LLC believes that the choice of a data capture solution can be a crucial decision. The electronic data capture market is full of choices that range from small companies to very large firms with a longer history work. Stat One EDC® focuses on being an affordable product serving a broad set of needs for a clinical trial.

The Stat One EDC® System is a collection of study management, communication, and data management tools that make up an integrated clinical trial environment. While the system addresses many issues revolving around running a clinical trial, the developers have tried to balance simplicity and intuitiveness with flexibility and open-endedness. We believe the Stat One EDC® System offers a balance that provides great utility without over burdening the user.

Stat One ValTrack® System

Stat One ValTrack® is an integrated system for tracking system files, validation status, and collecting information on bugs or system findings. The system was primarily developed to support computer systems, but can also support document systems. Stat One ValTrack® can be used in conjunction with the Stat One EDC® system to record or manage database validation activities.

ValTrack Components