Stat One ValTrack® is an integrated system for tracking system files, validation status, and collecting information on bugs or system findings. The system was primarily developed to support computer systems, but can also support document systems. Stat One ValTrack® can be used in conjunction with the Stat One EDC® system to record or manage database validation activities.

ValTrack® components:

  • Support for an unlimited number of projects
  • User control system and audit trails
  • Document control for system and document files (check in/out, file locking, user permissions, version history)
  • System specification database to track subsystems, tasks, and test cases
  • Automatic generation of testing forms and validation reports (PDF)
  • Form based record of test resolution
  • Bug/Findings reporting system specific to each project
  • Aligned with Stat One Quality System templates

ValTrack® helps organize and manage system validation, allowing you to focus on development.